Obstacle Country Flying Club
Obstacle Country Flying Club

Information about our Aircrafts

We prefer well created and designed Aircrafts!
of course you can make it a bit bigger ^^
but do not overdo it, it can crash the server room iv you do a bad edit!
The physics should be true!
and, of course, do not overdo it with the weapons !!!

Janosch's Battle Angel Mustang

Battle-Angel-Alita Mustang - Janosch
Battle-Angel-Alita Mustang-Janosch

A Tribute to the Cutest Battlecyborg.

Battle Angel Alita was my favorite Anime Comic in the 1990's !

Battle Angel Alita Mustang by Janosch .
Klick to Download.
Battle Angel Alita_CS.zip
Archivdatei im ZIP Format [4.6 MB]

Janosch's Hot Hentai Ultimate

Best Plane for Hentai and Manga Freaks^^

Ultimate-Hentai by Janosch
Klick to Download
Ultimate Hentai_CS(1).zip
Archivdatei im ZIP Format [5.7 MB]

Aero's Mighty Mouse 2

Mighty Mouse 2^^

Aero's Gunfighter

Gun Mustang
Gun Mustang

Eastertime ^^

Here You find Us :

Go to RealFlight 7.5 multiplayer mode and search for:
Aero's obstacle Country server ^^

We are on : Sunday and Monday !

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